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Affordable and Easy-to-Use Solutions that Save Time and Protect Your Investment.

Well-Conditioned Horses Are Generally Healthier, Better Behaved, and Ready to Go When You Are. Westland Horse Walkers condition horses effortlessly.

“Best investment I ever made around the horse barn!”
“I should have bought this thing 20 years ago!”

Sometimes, folks tell the Westland Horse Walker story even better than we can. Sure, they’re rugged, affordable, easy to use and provide a quick return on investment. But you may not fully understand what you’re missing until you have a hot walker on your property. Peruse our pictures, videos, and learn about the configuration options below…

Saves Warmup Time

Warms up to six horses in minutes with the push of a button.

Nurtures Development

Improves muscle development for young horses.

Promotes Health

Improves respiratory condition for horses of all ages.

Aids in Recuperation

Helps injured horses to recover faster from leg traumas.

Maintains Conditioning

Keeps horses in a good shape–even if they are not working.

Premium Horse Walkers

Four horse or six horse? Touchscreen controls, automatic, It’s not really whether or not you’ll enjoy your Westland Equine Walker–it’s more about which features are important to you and your riders.

Quick Overview

Win-Win: Healthy Horses, Rested Ranchers.

Westland Equine Walkers Testimonials

Chad Masters

Lipan, Texas

Had a horse that had a little buck in him every time we roped on him. I put him in the walker at a walk cinched up for about an hour and it cured the problem. It’s saving me a lot of time. When they come off of the walker they’re ready to learn.

Danny Zuniga

Jourdanton, Texas

I should have bought this thing 20 years ago! It’s a time-saver and almost like having two extra hands around the place. I don’t have to worry about getting on a cold back horse anymore. When they spend a little time on the walker, they are settled and ready to teach. I’ll probably be able to bring on an extra horse or two now.

Steve Small

Pawnee, Texas

For years I didn’t think we would use a horse walker very much until I finally bought this new Westland Walker. It saves us an enormous amount of time getting our horses loosened up and ready to rope. And, since time is money, we use it now more than I ever thought we might. When we get busy and can’t rope or when the weather doesn’t cooperate, we can still keep our horses legged up and ready for tomorrow. Very well built and reliable with no problems at all. Best investment I ever made around the horse barn!

Ronnie Voss

Corpus Christi, Texas

I use mine mainly to exercise my horses when I don’t have time to ride. It takes the edge off of them and helps keep them legged up.

Walk with Westland

Giving your horse the exercise it needs each day is a time-consuming endeavor. But, nothing is more important for the health and performance of your horses either. 

Westland Walkers provide an affordable horse walker solution—a safe, durable and trustworthy way to ensure that your prized horses are well-conditioned. See our full gallery here.  Ready to get yours, contact us.

Westland Walkers Features:

All Westland Walkers feature the following: Available with two control panel options: Manual and LCD Touchscreen. Smart Energy control panels. Extremely easy to operate. Box turns off after 60 minutes of inactivity. Choose between 4-horse and 6-horse installations. Outside and inside panels are galvanized and curved; built using 16 gauge steel. Powder-coated, weather-resistant finish protects your investment for years. Misting technology drastically reduces dust around the walker and keeps sand track at best moisture levels. Our horse walkers at Westland Horse Walkers are specifically designed to enhance the well-being and performance of your horses. With our state-of-the-art technology and exceptional craftsmanship, our walkers provide the ideal exercising solution for equestrians of all levels. Experience the benefits of Westland Horse Walkers and see the difference in your horses’ health and performance. Healthier Horses, Affordable Horse Walkers.

Westland Walkers Screen panel

Easy to Program

  • “Build Your Own Program” feature.
  • Up to 5 custom-defined programs where you can set time of working and speeds specifically for a horse or group with the same needs.
  • Easy to program, intuitive interface.
  • Custom ramp speed to start/stop the machine.
  • Predefined minimum and maximum speeds.
  • Emergency button stops the machine in 5-10 seconds.

How to Buy a Horse Walker

“How Can I Get One?”

We’re glad you asked! It’s a quick and simple process where we work together to make sure your experience with Westland Walkers is second to none.

  1. Contact Westland Walkers or complete form below for a quick estimate.
  2. If you’d like to move forward, schedule an installation at your property. Most installations take place within two weeks.
  3. Installation and training generally takes 1-2 days once we’re onsite.

Get an Estimate

How to buy a Westland Equine Walker

Contact Mike Piland to learn more.

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