6 Horse Hot Walker

A 6 Horse Hot Walker is a great way to warm up and exercise multiple horses at once.

Why You Need a 6 Horse Hot Walker

Easy Load 6 Horse Hot Walker

Easy Load Hot Walker

The Westland 6 Horse hot walkers with easy loading in as little as 8 seconds, makes it fast, easy and convenient even if you are working alone. It reduces the risk of injury to both the you and your horse. A difficult horse is more likely to struggle and resist, which can lead to accidents. The  Westland easy loading tool saves time and effort which is especially important when loading multiple horses or even larger horses. They also help to reduce stress for both the horse and the handler. A stressed horse, is more likely to be difficult to load. By making the loading process easy and stress-free, you can improve the overall experience.

Improve horse cardiovascular health

Improve cardio health

Horse hot walkers improve cardiovascular health by increasing the heart rate and respiratory rate of the horse. This increased blood flow helps to deliver oxygen to the muscles and other tissues, which is essential for sustained exercise.

In addition, hot walkers help to strengthen the heart muscle.  Exercise along with a healthy and balanced diet that includes all of the nutrients they need, including carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. The hot walker can also help to keep horses at a healthy weight, an additional component of cardiovascular health.

promote horse muscle recovery

Promoting muscle recovery

Hot Walkers improve muscle recovery by Increasing blood flow to the muscles, which helps to deliver nutrients and oxygen and remove waste products. This can also help to reduce inflammation and promote healing. As well as by Improving lymphatic drainage, which is the process of removing waste products from the tissues. This can help to reduce swelling and stiffness. They Reduce muscle soreness after exercise by removing lactic acid and other waste products from the muscles. And they Improved range of motion in the joints keeping them moving and preventing stiffness.

Improve muscle development for young horses with high quality horse walkers

Pure Elegance, It’s the Perfect Equine Tool

  • Efficient. Move multiple horses at once at a consistent speed, which is ideal for warming up or cooling down all while saving a significant amount of time, especially when you have a large number of horses to exercise.
  • Safe. A safe and controlled environment means your horses are less likely to injure themselves during warm up..
  • Versatile. The Westland horse walkers can be used for a variety of purposes, including warming up, cooling down, exercising, and rehabilitating horses. This makes them a valuable tool.
  • Elegant. The Westland Walker is well-designed and aesthetically pleasing, in addition to being affordable.  Whether you have a horse farm or an equestrian facility this walker will fit your needs.

Overall, the Westland 6 Horse Hot Walkers are an essential tool for any horse owner who wants to provide their horses with the best possible care. 


Making Automatic Hot Walkers Accessible

Consistent Exercise

Hot walkers allow you to provide your horses with consistent exercise, regardless of the weather or your own availability. This is important for maintaining their fitness and overall health.

Safe and Controlled

Hot walkers provide a safe and controlled environment for exercising horses. They are less likely to injure themselves than if they were being exercised in a paddock or on a trail.


Warm up and exercise multiple horses at once with minimal effort. This can save you a significant amount of time, especially if you have a large number of horses or a busy schedule.

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