Introducing Young Horses to Your Walker

1. Allow Your Horse to Get Comfortable Around the Panel Walker

Begin by having your young horse stand near the Westland Walker while it is in operation, either with or without other horses in it. This step is crucial for helping your horse become accustomed to the sounds and movements of the walker. Allow them to observe the machine’s operation for an extended period, gradually increasing their exposure over time.

2. Allow Each Horse a Solo Walk the First Time

Allow your horse to become comfortable inside of the walker. The walker has many moving parts that might initially spook your horse. To ease them into it, leave your horse in the walker without any other horses present and without a saddle. Keep the machine stationary initially to let your horse explore the environment without feeling overwhelmed.

3. Gradually Increase the Pace

Once your horse seems relaxed in the walker, you can start at a slow walk. Allow them to become accustomed to the motion gradually. Building their confidence at a slower pace will help them feel more at ease as you gradually increase the speed.

4. Introduce Different Features of the Panel WalkerHow to Use a Horse Walker

Once your horse is comfortable with the basic motion of the walker, it’s time to introduce them to its different features. Start by turning on the exerciser at a slow setting and allow them to go both ways on the horse walker. This gradual introduction will help your horse understand the various elements of the walker and become more comfortable with them over time.

5. Start Your Horse Slowly and Work up the Speed

After your horse has become familiar with the walker’s motion and features, you can add other horses to the walker along with them.

What Not To Do

There are a few things we strongly do not recommend when using the walker. The first is having saddled horses inside of a walker, as this can invite unwanted incidents. The second, is not to use the watering system while horses are on the walker. The sound of the sprinklers can spook a horse.

Step by Step Approach to Use

This step-by-step approach will help your horse feel comfortable and secure as they begin to exercise on the walker. Taking the time to acclimate your young horse to the sounds and movements of the Westland Walker will set a solid foundation for their successful introduction to this valuable conditioning tool.

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